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2022-2023 Fees Structure

Admission (New Student) FCFA 120,000
Re-Registration (Old Student) FCFA 75,000

Levels Classes Price (FCFA)
Nursery PlayGroup (PG) FCFA 900,000
Nursery One (N1) FCFA 1,000,000
Nursery Two (N2)
& Nursery Three (N3)
FCFA 1,200,000
Primary Class One (C1)
to Class Three (C3)
FCFA 1,400,000
Class Four (C4)
to Class Six (C6)
FCFA 1,500,000
High School Form One (F1)
& Form Two (F2)
FCFA 1,800,000
Form Three (F3) to
Upper Sixth Form (U6)
FCFA 1,900,000
Note: A 10% Sibling subsidy will be applicable on the tution fees only

Areas Round-Trip One-Way
Zone A FCFA 30,000 FCFA 20,000
Zone B FCFA 50,000 FCFA 30,000
Zone C FCFA 60,000 FCFA 35,000
Zone D FCFA 70,000 FCFA 40,000
Note: Check the bus lines references here

Canteen FCFA 50,000 /month
Note: Please refer to the canteen page for the details of the menu.

Activities Price (FCFA)
Arts & Craft 35,000 /Term
  • Activities are held after school.
  • A student is not allowed to change the ECA during the term unless the activity is not continuing.
  • Students for Taekwondo are to pay extra FCFA 30,000 for Sportswear.
  • Dance 45,000 /Term
    Lego Engineers 60,000/Term
    Music 60,000/Term
    Robotics 60,000 /Term
    Swimming 35,000 /Term
    Taekwondo 45,000 /Term
    + Taekwondo costume : FCFA 30,000

    Exams Price (FCFA)
    ISEB (C6) 60,000
    Cambridge University International Exams (IGCSE) (F4 & L6 10) 700,000 *
    Cambridge University International Exams AS-Level & A-Level (L6 & U6) 600,000 *
    *The above-mentioned prices for the IGCSE, AS-Level & A-Level Exams are an indication. They might be more or less depending on the cost of each subject and the Exams registration fees.

    Class Price (FCFA)
    PG 15,000

    *Only for children of Senior High School (F3 & F4) who have selected Art & Design as a subject.

    The Stationery Requirements Packages are proposed at the mentioned prices. Parents can also acquire them from outside.

    Please refer to the Stationery Requirements Packages lists for the details of the items.

    N1-N2-N3 20,000
    C1-C2-C3 45,000
    C4-C5-C6 54,000
    F1-F2 30,000
    F3-F4-L6-U6 25,000
    Arts Stationery * 70,000

    Please read carefully our Fees Policy

    Fees Payment Plan

    Click here to read established conditions about School fees payment plans

    Fees Convention

    Paying the following fees.. Is giving your child... Payment plans
    Tuition Access to classes
    • 50% before the student starts classes
    • 50% within agreed payment plan
    Deadline of payment: March 2023
    AMENITIES Access to paid amenities Full amount before the student starts classes.
    TRANSPORTATION Access to school bus service Full amount on termly basis before the beginning of the service.
    (Month fee multiplied by number of months in the term) .
    CANTEEN Access to school canteen service Full amount on termly basis before the beginning of the service.
    (Month fee multiplied by number of months in the term) .
    EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITY (ECA) Access to paid activities Full amount on established payment plan basis due before the beginning of the activity(ies).