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We are delighted that you considering IESA as a partner in your child’s scholastic journey. We recognize that choosing the right school goes beyond the local appeal that IESA enjoys or recognition it receives for its commitment to quality management and education. The school ensures that students coming from diverse communities, regions, backgrounds and professions are given a common platform and equal opportunities. Students of all nationalities are welcome to take admission in the school. Students are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year but parents are encouraged to apply as early as possible.

Please note that admission decisions are only taken once the registration formalities have been completed. The student must also complete our school’s placement test prior to a confirmed acceptance. The goal of the process is to enable your child’s enrollment into the class appropriate to the child’s learning stage between pre-Kindergarten and Grade 12. However, in the interest of sticking to our class size policy of maximum 25 students per class, admission to some classes maybe closed earlier.

Education Services

IESA was established by Mrs. Petrina L. DIOULO in 2007 for the priviate benefit of an education quality recognized all accross the Globe.

International Hubs

As an international pole of knowledge, IESA is a muticultural plot of 44+ nationalities.

Grades & Certificates

From IESA, student can end up their currulum with an ISEB certificate (Class 6), IGCSE (Form 4) and Alevel (Upper 6) .

Campus Life

On campus, students fill at home, eager to learn and ready to prove more than expected.

Admission Requirements


Start Online Admission

Complete the online admission directly on our school platform over


Compulsory Documents

To start you will have to get the following document ready.

  • Photocopy of Birth Certificate / Passport.
  • One (1) recent Photograph.
  • Photocopy of an updated vaccination records*
  • *Meningitis AC (Méningite AC), Tetanus (Tétanos), Hepatitis B (Hépatite B), Yellow Fever (Fièvre Jaune) and MMR (ROR)

Academic Criterion

The online Application process is required for students applying to any or all of IESA's three campus. You’ll be able to choose the grade you are applying for during the registration process. Application Academic year is automatically saved.

To complete the online process, you will need :

  • Previous Academic year Reports (Class 1 and above) .
  • Exams Results (Class 1 and above).
  • Transcripts (Class 1 and above).
  • Transfer & Leaving Certificate (Class 1 and above).

Placement Tests -Primary & High School

The placement tests in Mathematics and English are draw to check the academic skill levels of applicants. Then the school can place each student in classes at the right level.

Admission will be considered provisional till all the required documents are submitted and the steps fully complete.
Click here for more comprehensive admission steps.

Classes Correspondance and Age Criterion

Entrance to IESA Nursery Classes is subject to age criterion, and limit age accepted is 1 YEAR AND HALF

Classes correspondance displays what class will you child attend when he or she will get to IESA. In fact, according to the system, class naming may vary from one school to another but academic levels remain the same. Make sure you get the appropriate equivalence to have a clear understanding. Click on the picture below

Level Age
PlayGroup (PG) 1 & half - 2 Years
Nursery One (N1) 2 & half - 3 Years
Nursery Two (N2) 3 & half - 4 Years
Nursery Three (N3) 4 & half - 5 Years

Where to submit necessary documents?

All necessary documents will need to be uploaded directly to the system, but documents not submitted through the online process can be mailed to:
or through whatsapp (+225) 0779039733 for assistance.