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Admission Requirements

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Documents Required

Please get the following documents handy and scanned in pdf or image format before starting the online admission process.

  • Personal Documents (from PlayGroup and above)
    1. Photocopy of birth certificate /Passport
    2. One (1) recent photograph
    3. Photocopy of an updated vaccination records *
  • *Meningitis AC (Méningite AC), Tetanus (Tétanos), Hepatitis B (Hépatite B), Yellow Fever (Fièvre Jaune) and MMR (ROR)
  • Academic Proof (from Class 1 and Above)

    Documents listed below are requested from the applicants as a proof of their previous academic achievements:

    1. Exams Results
    2. Transcripts
    3. Transfer & Leaving Certificate

Placement Tests -Primary & High School

The placement tests in Mathematics and English are draw to check the academic skill levels of applicants. Then the school can place each student in classes at the right level.

Admission will be considered provisional till all the required documents are submitted and the steps fully complete.