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To register a new student with the International English School of Abidjan, a parent/guardian must follow the steps below . Please kindly fill all the information correctly before submitting during the online registration process.

Current students are re-registered via the School Online Portal Scholars App from which parents have to log in using their credentials. Contact the school administration if you do not have them and view the following helpful link to download a step-by-step PDF on how to re-register.

Admission Requirements



This process concerns new parents only.

  • To begin with the admissions process you need to register first via the online admission platform. Click on "Sign Up", Fill the registration fields and press on "Create Account" .
  • Once registered you will receive in your mailbox an email with your credentials and a confirmation link to activate your account before being able to proceed with the student's online registration.
  • Use the credentials you received through email to login to the admissions platform after clicking on the confirmation link.

Note: Parents with child(ren) attending IESA
Parent/guardian with a child already registered at IESA instead of registering again on Scholars App, has to use his/her credentials to login to the School Online Portal (Scholars App) to register a new child. Get the online registration process here



The Online Admission application takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. It is divided into eight (8) stages: .

  • Stage 1Admission Class
  • Provide student's particulars. Student's information should be typed in as it is mentioned on his/her identification papers (birth certificate, passport etc.) .

  • Stage 2Student's details
  • Provide student's particulars. Student's information should be typed in as it is mentioned on his/her identification papers (birth certificate, passport etc.) .

  • Stage 3Student’s Emergency Contacts
  • Provide student's emergency contacts. Please the list should include the contact of at least one parent.

  • Stage 4Medical details
  • Provide all students medical information if any.

  • Stage 5Authorized Persons to Pick up the child
  • Provide contact information of persons authorized to pick up your child(ren). Please the list should include the contact of at least one parent.

  • Stage 6Parents' Details
  • Provide student’s parental filiations

  • Stage 7Files
  • upload the required documents listed below. Please get them handy and scanned in pdf or image format before starting the online admission process.

  • Photocopy of Birth certificate/Passport (from PlayGroup and above)
  • Updated Vaccination Records* (from PlayGroup and above)
  • Previous Academic Reports (from Class 1 and above)
  • Transfer Certificate/Exams Results (from Class 1 and above)
  • *Meningitis AC (Méningite AC), Tetanus (Tétanos), Hepatitis B (Hépatite B), Yellow Fever (Fièvre Jaune) and MMR (ROR)

  • Stage 8Commitments
  • Agree with all the commitments set up by the school. Note at this level that by completing the registration process, you agree to abide by all the rules, regulations and processes put in place by the school administration. All the stages can be filled independently except the commitments (stage 8) which can only be completed when all the previous stages are complete.


Actions Meaning
Complete Process Resume with registration you have started but you were not able to complete
Update Infos Update information you have submitted.
Duplicate It appears when the status of an admission is on "in process". It is useful for family of more than one child. It helps to create a new admission by duplicating Emergency Contact(s), the Child pick up Contact(s) and the Parents Details.
Icons Meaning
The invoice; It appears when the status of an admission is on "Waiting for payment" upon first validation by the school administration. Click on this icon to see the invoice.
Click on this icon to review uploaded information.
The stage is complete.



Submit your application upon agreement with all the commitments. Also, note that registration can be submitted only once all the aforementioned stages are complete that is you have reached the stage of “commitments”



  • "In process": Waiting for the validation by the school.
  • "Waiting for payment": After the validation by the school, a proforma invoice of school fees will be sent to the parent and the parent will have to pay at least the registration fees (100,000 FCFA) :
    • You can pay directly the registration fees with the School Administration by:
      • Cash Please provide the relevant amount of tax
      • Cheque Please ensure that cheques are made payable to: “International English School of Abidjan” or “IESA”
      • Credit Card
    • you are paying by bank transfer or Mobile money, submit your proof of payment by sending an email to
    • Once you have sent your proof of payment, the school will wait for the confirmation before issuing a receipt of payment. You can check your payments in the menu at your left side: Finances Receipts. ".
    • Please find below the school’s bank details :
    • Bank Details
      Bank Name GT Bank Côte d’Ivoire (Guaranty Trust Bank Côte d’Ivoire)
      Bank Address 01 BP 13141 Abidjan 01 — 13 Rue du Sénateur Lagarosse, Plateau, Abidjan- Côte d’Ivoire
      Bank Code CI163
      BIC 80
      Box Code 01202
      Account Number 000000053408
      Account Name International English School of Abidjan
      IBAN CI93 CI163 01202 000000053408 80
      Country Côte d’Ivoire

      The admission fees (100,000 FCFA) are not refundable. This guarantees that we will hold a slot for your child at IESA but the admission process needs to be complete.

  • "Waiting for admission test":(from Class 1 and above): a placement test will be scheduled.
  • "Waiting for test results": (from Class 1 and above): Check your notification for the tests results.
  • "Waiting for interview": (from Class 1 and above): On perusal of the tests results, an interactive session will be scheduled with the parents and the child at the school campus.
  • "Complete":The registration process is complete. A seat is offered to your child for the next Academic Year.

At the end of the process:

  • Parents will receive an official admission email from the school through their email address, giving them their Parent Portal user access and some additional information.
  • School Fees will have to be paid before school resumes.
  • Meet with the School Administration to agree on a payment plan