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New Family Members

We are very exited to have your children joining us at IESA!
The following are some helpful information on what to expect in the coming year. Please feel free to contact our administration office if you have further questions.
Meanwhile, we will be happy to provide you with more information as well as to connect you with the representative department that may be able to provide you greater insight. Overall, feel free to let us know how we should improve this list!

After School (After Care Service)

IESA provides supervision of students based on the following program:

  • Nursery: from 8.00am to 1pm,
  • Primary: from 8.00am to 3.00pm,
  • High School: from 8.00am up to 3.30pm,

Parents are pleased to call the appropriate Office if any problem would prevent them from collecting their child(ren) on due time or if a new person is mandated to pick up the child(ren) on behalf of the family. Otherwise, the child(ren) will stay on campus until confirmaton of identity is made. For further details, feel free to contact our administration office over (+225) 27 22 41 72 17

Allergies & Medical Information

All parents are asked to provide accurate information regarding medical and emergency aspects of their children as requested in to registration process (step 1: Emmergency contacts; & Step 3 : Medical details). Also, parent are called to safely drop allergy remedies into their children bag when they are leaving home to school so to maximize intervention deadline in any case of allergy. The IESA medical and catering staff will be made aware of the allergy, and specific meetings organized by the school to discuss a student’s allergy.

Note that emergency' contacts and medical information can be updated at any time by sending an email alert to our admission office or by contacting us over (+225) 27 22 41 72 17 or (+225) 07 790 397 33 (Whatsapp) . Updated vaccination records are required during the registration process and details are available here


New or prospective parents may request and download an online quotation directly from the school website by clicking here.

For any additional information regarding fees or payment plans, you are welcome to get directly in touch with the Admission Office by sending an email to or by contacting us over (+225) 27 22 41 72 17

Also, check our School Fees Structure here.

Parents with children already Registered can access their invoices and payment receipts over the parent platform on ScholarsApp

Books & School Supplies

All text books and other reading materials are provided by the school. Nursery students in Playgroup, Nursery 1, 2 and 3 will be provided with all necessary stationery to meet their daily needs.

Campus Safety

During school hours, entrance to the campus is prohibited to parent unless special permission granted by the administration. To obtain special visit authorization, please get an appointment with the admistration by calling the Pastoral Office for Mrs Tchié over (+225) 07 0930-4680.

The entrance gate remains open after classes please meet the security gard at the gate and request for the relevant school authority . For more information contact Mrs Valery KADIO, at the Secretary Office by sending a mail to Mrs Valery KADIO or by calling over (+225) 27 22 41 72 17 .


The school works with the best food suppliers that meet stringent criteria and are certified for importing safe food into the school kitchen.If you have any questions or requirements about diets of your children, do not hesitate to contact our administration at:(+225) 27 22 41 72 17.


From the begining of the academic year, you will receive a welcome SMS notification, email announcements regarding special events and/or whatsapp messages. Assignments and classwork will also be posted online on scholarsapp on daily basis so you will not miss anything.

Additionally, the weekly iesa newsletter ipaper is sent out every Thursday of the first week of a new term. It includes announcements about upcoming events and recent events and information.

Meanwhile, You can download the school calendars down here, by clicking on the required school: Nursery Primary High School

We recommend that you sign up for our newsletter for you to have insight if your child's Arts work released weekly on:

Dress Code

The school dress code is designed with our school mission in mind: "to prepare each student for professional life in a global environment." Students who are in violation of the dress code will be notified discretely by a Educator or any member of the staff. If the dress code violation can be accommodated throughout the day or modified to meet the dress code, the conversation will serve as a warning to the next time. If the dress code violation is extreme, a parent may need to be called to come and take the child back home. In general, school uniform needs to be clean, untorn, hemmed and properly fitted with consideration given to comfort and function within a learning environment.

  • Students are expectedto arrive on campus wearing the appropriate school uniform and remain in dress code until they leave campus.
  • Students must refers and wear appropriate uniforms according to the day as defined on the illustratuion below. Flip flops should never be worn during school.
  • If dirty, torn or inappropriate the student uniform should be changed. Get the price for a new uniform here

How to wear the uniform?

Please note that School uniforms should be wear with black shoes and white socks

Extra Curricular Activities (ECA)

Extracurricular activities in students' social life development is as important as their academic life. There is so much pressure on students, especially in primary and high school levels calling for high performance in their exams and attain high grades that we bring to our students mind enhancing activities for them to free up pressure and fully express themselves.

Click here for the list and prices of all Extra-Curricular Activities. .

Parents are always welcome to check evolution of their child(ren)in particular activity by meeting the teacher in charge or by attending our Parent-Teacher Conference scheduled once a term for more insight in our training program.

For detail information, contact our office in charge over (+225) 27 22 41 72 17.

Field Trips

All our students do participate to class trips scheduled once in each terms from PlayGroup to Upper 6. As such, No additional cost is associated with them. Class trips are designed to build friendships as well as enhance lessons learned in the classroom with real life experiments.

Click here to refer to the Fees Structure for details about term excursion fees .


View academic holiday dates to find out when the campus will be closed for holidays and breaks. Please note that the school will send reminder sms. Schools Calendar 2021-2022

Registration to Sport Team

Our sport program is designed to upgrade student sport hability and foster a passion-oriented habit that students will grow with. Teachers are requested to select students based on their gabarit, and habilities for extra-sports activities. In case of queries, families are requested to get in touch with sports tearchers for more details about specific sports participation.