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Education at IESA is characterized by abroad and interdisciplinary nature. As a student, therefore, we design for you a meaningful and needbased curriculum that will help you reach out your full learning capacity. In that perspetive, we set up a curriculum as if you were designing your own way of learning meaning that the curriculum does not have a fixed structure; instead we combine different courses to assemble a personal study programme. We choose among over 50 courses for each academic year .

Structure of the programme

During your Nurseries, we help you explore the academic world and the various possibility that is awaiting for further. You learn basic academic skills courses such as numeracy, motor skills and many other through the IPC Program that help develop writing, speaking and calculation skills wich represent the most basic skills. Moreover, we design a program helping  you start learning a foreign language which may be either French or English depending on your background.

The Primaries remain the most exiting years as here, the aime is to expand your knowledge and skills. Starting from Year 1 to 6 you go through various subjects (Mathematics, History, Reading Comprehension, etc.) and   real life experience (outing programs) that leads you toward your goal  of success. A part form all these, various additional programs (UCMAS) international competitions (SOF, ISEB) and Extra-actvities (Taekwondo, Young Engineers, Music, etc.) and Clubs (Litterature, IT, Drama, Dance etc.)  forster deeply your experience and get you ready to face the college years.

During the third part which is the High School years, efforts are focused on finalizing your achievements by gaining reinforcing sufficiently your disciplinary knowledge to apply for nya university’s programme worldwide. At this level, you culminate in the research thesis, a sizeable academic paper on a topic of you will sbmitted to as part of courses. still you continue talking foreign language courses at the intermediate 2- and advanced 3-level.


To guide you in your decisions and to safeguard a certain level of coherence in your curriculum, we commit our qualified teachers to your personal follow up as tutors. Your tutor monitors progress and signals possible obstacles.


Also, the following options are provided so to help  enrich your programme .

  • remedial courses
  • Internships
  • personnal tutor
  • Trips to foreign countries