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How to Re-register


  • Re-registration is required for every enrolled student in order to let the school know if the child will be returning for the next school year
  • Re-registration process must be completed by the parents
  • In any case, the present formality of Re-registration cannot be considered as admission of the pupil in the next class. Only the annual academic results or any other decision within the sole power of the Academic Council will be able to decide on this case.
  • Re-Registering early helps the school to plan and saves money.

How to Complete the Re-Registration

Please see the instructions below to complete the Online Re-registration Process (it takes approximately 5 minutes to complete).
1 Log in

To begin with the re-registration process you need to log in to the school online platform using your parent's credentials.

Note: If you have forgotten your access or still don’t remember it, feel free to contact the school administrator by sending your parent name through a whatsapp message to (05) 86 967-838 (for Mr Thomas).
Once connected, in the menu at your left side, click on “Registration Re-registration ". This will take you to the Re-registration page.

2 Re-register

On the Re-registration page, In front of your child(ren) name(s), in the column “Re-register”, you will have to choose between “Yes” and “No” to know whether your child is re-registering or not:

  • Click on “Yes”, in the column“Re-register”, if your child is returning for the coming school year. A pop-up window will appear to confirm your choice.
  • Repeat this action for each child if you have more than one.
  • Click on "No", in the column“Re-register”, if your child is not returning for the coming school year. A pop-up window will appear to confirm your choice.
  • Click on “Reset”, in the column “Re-register”, to reinitialize your re-registration if you have mistakenly clicked on “No” or you have changed your mind.

3 Check

Check regularly the re-registration status to ensure your child will be enrolled for the coming school year:

  • "In process": Waiting for the validation by the school.
  • "Waiting for payment": After the validation by the school, a proforma invoice of school fees will be sent to the parent and the parent will have to pay at least the re-registration fees (65,000 FCFA) :
    • You can pay directly the re-registration fees with the School Administration by:
      • Cash Please provide the relevant amount of tax
      • Cheque Please ensure that cheques are made payable to:
        “International English School of Abidjan” or “IESA”
      • Credit Card
    • If you are paying by bank transfer or Mobile money, submit your proof of payment by sending an email to
    • Once you have sent your proof of payment, the school will wait for the confirmation before issuing a receipt of payment. You can check your payments in the menu at your left side: Finances Receipts. ".
    • Please find below the school’s bank details :

    • Bank Details
      Bank Name GT Bank Côte d’Ivoire (Guaranty Trust Bank Côte d’Ivoire)
      Bank Address 01 BP 13141 Abidjan 01 — 13 Rue du Sénateur Lagarosse,
      Plateau, Abidjan- Côte d’Ivoire
      Bank Code CI163
      Bic 80
      Box Code 01202
      Account Number 000000053408
      Account Name International English School of Abidjan
      IBAN CI93 CI163 01202 000000053408 80
      Country Côte d’Ivoire

      The re-registration fees (65,000 FCFA) are not refundable. This guarantees that we will hold a slot for your child at IESA.

  • "Complete":The re-registration process is complete and your child is re-registered for the coming Academic Year.