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Our Campus Life

We know that childhood remain an interesting moment in your life and because you are now living this interesting moment in your life, you need to meet new friends, to gain new experiences, set the stage for success in life. We have set Student Life environment on our campus to help you do all these things and more. We want you to be in an atmosphere where you are supported, listened to, and respected. That’s why we have designed all our programs and events with you in mind. We want you to supplement your academic experience with challenging and stimulating experiences, the kind that will foster your mind, body, and spirit. Remember that we are here for you to help provide a satisfying high school experience—one that sets you up for success.

Our School experience is made up of many things, both inside and outside the classroom. Student Body is here to help you round out your education, with a variety of activities. When you take part in a student organization, school-service program, or one of the numerous other offerings overseen by student, you will learn, yes, but you will also be challenged, supported, and heard.

Facts about US


School providing a campus based music festival


nationalities have graced the halls of IESA since its founding in 2007

Since 2007

Class had 100% acceptance rate


Students on Campus