Admissions and re-Registrations for 2024-2025 are now open Academic year 2024-2025 starts on Monday, September 9, 2024 Registrations for our Summer Camp to Canada & Uk are open, Meet our office today for more information IESA is now fully registered as a CAMBRIDGE School. Thank you all for your support School Office will be closed from 1st to 31st July, 2024 for annual holidays. Thank you


Mrs Petrina DIOULO,

CEO/FOUNDER, International English School of Abidjan

Welcome to the International English School of Abidjan (IESA).

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the International English School of Abidjan website. The purpose into building this internet-based communication platform is to establish strong partnership oriented toward trust, safe information conveyance and efficient inclusion of parents into child(ren)’s education process.

IESA, we are Makers of Scholars. In so doing, we are committed to offering young people a breath of learning and the range of skills essential for future leadership positions they are called to assume. While we embark on this life-long journey, we aspire to motivate them to exercise leadership with wisdom, compassion and humility. We have a clear vision of what we want the education we deliver daily to be – oriented toward communication, self-control, leadership, and helping to assuming responsibility as these are the most important qualities the new generation leaders would need.

Among the best schools nationwide providing the Cambridge and the IPC program, IESA has become a key note in the education scene in a short period of time and intends to continue playing an important role in Côte d’Ivoire’s Vision toward 2020.

Our progressive thinking and creative approach is what makes us stand out from the crowd. I am proud of the work we do at IESA, adhering to the highest standards in providing education, with a perfect safety record, rigorous management and constant curriculum update for improvement of skills.

I hope you will find our website helpful in getting better acquainted with our school. It is a snapshot of some of the amazing array of activities and opportunities we offer our students. IESA was founded to be rigorous and a mould to distinctive personalities. I believe it has remained faithful over these years to that vision. Gradually, we have moved towards the implementation of Cambridge endorsed curriculums at all levels of the school. From humble, beginnings the school has grown into a wide playing field that encourages a sense of intellectual curiosity and we want to usher people into their adult life feeling confident and believing that they can make a difference for the better. We are living in a demanding and challenging century and the young people we train would need a breadth of learning skills so that they can take their place as future leaders. We address this concern by fostering a value system in the school that ensures that our pupils exercise leadership with wisdom, compassion and humility.

Great things happen at school daily -many of them do not feature formally in the school calendar, many of them may not be particularly news worthy, yet all of them are important for their contribution to the holistic transformation of our young pupils.

We recognize that success in developing our pupils to the full depends on the teamwork we share with parents and guardians and with the pupils themselves. With this spirit I once again welcome you all for an enriching academic experience at IESA and wish you enjoy our website and feel free to contact our office for any additional information.