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How to Re-register?

(Children attending IESA)


  • Re-registration is required for every enrolled student in order to let the school know if the child will be returning for the next school year.
  • Re-registration process is ONLY open to parents who have FULLY paid all their school fees due for the 2023/2024 Academic Year.
  • Re-registrations to a class will be closed once the number of available seats in that class are full.
  • Being a former parent does not guarantee seat for your child(ren). Only a fully completed re-registration shall be valid.
  • The school guarantees a place for a pupil when the re-registration process is fully completed, i.e., till full payment of re-registration fees is made. We disengage from any unfavorable outcome if this final step is not completed.
  • Re-registration fees are fixed, non-refundable and deductible from the total amount of school fees.
  • In any case, the present formality of Re-registration cannot be considered as a promotion of the pupil in the next class. Only the annual academic results or any other decision within the sole power of the Academic Council will be able to decide on this case.
  • Re-Registering early helps the school to plan and saves money.

For Assistance

Contact our Admission office
We are available on whatsapp here

Monday – Friday 8:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

How to Complete the Re-Registration?

Please see the instructions below to complete the Online Re-registration Process (takes approximately 5 minutes to complete).

1 Log in

To begin with the re-registration process you need to log in to the school online platform using your parent's credentials. Contact the school administration if you do not have them.

Once connected, in the menu at your left side, click on “ Registration Re-registration ". This will take you to the Re-registration page.

2 Re-register

On the Re-registration page, In front of your child(ren) name(s), in the column“Re-register”, you will have to choose between “Yes” and “No” to know whether your child is re-registering or not:

  • Click on “Yes”, in the column “Re-register”, if your child is returning for the coming school year. A pop-up window will appear to confirm your choice.
    Repeat this action for each child if you have more than one.
  • Click on “No”, in the column “Re-register”, if your child is not returning for the coming school year. A pop-up window will appear to confirm your choice and to choose a reason of leaving.
  • Click on “Reset”, in the column “Re-register”, to reinitialize your re-registration if you have mistakenly clicked on “No” or you have changed your mind.

3 Check

Check regularly the re-registration status to ensure your child will be enrolled for the coming school year:

  • "In process" : Waiting for the validation by the school.
  • "Items Ordering" : Once the registration request has been validated and the invoice for school fees has been generated, parent will now have the possibility to:
      • Change the quantities of certain invoiced items
      • Choose the desired size of uniforms (Polo shirts, sportswear, skorts, school uniforms, etc.). Please refer to the different uniforms size charts.
      • Order Stationery Requirements Packages.

      How to proceed at this level?

      1. Open your invoice
      2. To open your invoice, use your credentials to access the school platform and then click on Finance Invoice in the menu.

      3. Modify the quantity and select the size.
      4. Edit your invoice by clicking on this icon in front of it and then in the columns “Quantity” and “Size” , modify and select respectively the quantities and the sizes of certain invoiced items.

      5. Order School Stationery Package.
      6. At the bottom-left side of your edited invoice, click on “Order Stationery”. The stationery requirement package of the class will be added to your invoice.

      7. Validate the changes made on your invoice.
      8. At the bottom-right side of your edited invoice, click on "Save" to validate the changes made on your invoice.

      Repeat action 2, 3, 4 for each child if you have more than one.

      Note: This important step, which is newly established in the registration process, will subsequently, facilitate the distribution of items based on orders’ priority and quantities. Moreover, in compliance with the measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, no item ordered and delivered can be changed or refunded. As reminder, any placed is due.

    • "Payment Plan": After saving your amended invoice(s), you will have to define your payment plan. Note that the payment plan is compulsory and is now part of the re-registration process.
      1. 1. Why do I have to set a payment plan
      2. Setting a payment plan is the way to tell the school administration how and when you are going to pay the school fees.

      3. 2. How to define your payment plan?
      4. a. Open your payment plan by clicking on the button “Instalment” in your “invoice(s) statement”. Note that this button appears only when you have modified and saved all your invoices.
        b. Define your payment plan and click on “save” to submit your payment plan to the approval of the school adminsitration. You are free to adjust the amounts and the dates except for the first instalment. Deadline of payment: end of March 2024.
        b. Submitted payment plan can be approved or rejected. If rejected, the parent will have to reset a new plan and resubmit for approval. In both cases, you will receive a notification by sms with the decision of the school adminsitration.

      Repeat action 2, 3, 4 for each child if you have more than one.

    • "Waiting for payment": Waiting for the validation by the school.
    • After the validation by the school, a proforma invoice of school fees will be sent to the parent and the parent will have to pay at least the re-registration fees (100,000 FCFA)

      • You can pay directly the re-registration fees with the School Administration through the following means of payment:
      • Bank Transfer
        Mobile Money

        * The re-registration fees (75,000 FCFA) are not refundable. This guarantees that we will hold a slot for your child at IESA.

      • "Complete": The re-registration process is complete and your child is re-registered for the coming Academic Year.